The Complete Reference Guide is designed to assist Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)® aspirants in preparing for their PfMP® Exam. This guide is based on information from the Standard for Portfolio Management 3rd Edition, the PfMP® Examination Content Outline (ECO), and the PMBOK® Guide Seventh Edition.

Since the exam is based on the ECO, this book is structured accordingly. Each chapter begins with tasks from the ECO, connects them with activities and sections from the SPMv3 and PMBOKv7, and includes a detailed discussion of each topic from the SPM. Hints, tips for the exam, and 10 questions with answers and explanations referencing the ECO and/or the standard are provided in each chapter.

This Study Guide includes 10 questions after every domain and subdomain. It also features mind maps based on tasks mentioned in the performance domains and subdomains listed in the ECO. You should not be surprised to encounter similar questions on your exam.

Do you want to take and PASS the PfMP certification? This Complete Reference Guide is made for you!