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Disciplined Agile is not a framework but rather a toolkit that focuses on the decisions you need to consider, the options available, and the trade-offs associated with these options. It shows you how to effectively combine strategies from multiple agile and lean approaches in a tailorable and scalable manner. Organizations that adopt Disciplined Agile go to market sooner, deliver value faster, and make their customers happier. 

Are you interested in learning how to lead one or multiple agile teams successfully? Do you want to accelerate your ability to manage high-profile initiatives critical to enterprise success? You're looking to take business agility to the next level by applying agile and lean techniques in various situations, including non-software teams. 

The Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) is an instructor-led course for experienced agile practitioners. This course teaches you how to use the Disciplined Agile (DA) toolkit to optimize how teams work, collaborate with allies within your organization, and solve various advanced problems. The course will prepare you to take the DASSM exam and enable you to use Disciplined Agile within your leadership role immediately.

Course Duration: This special program is designed to assist all motivated DASSM aspirants and is focused on people who want to complete their exams within the next 2-3 months. 

Delivery style: The course is delivered via Zoom. The last session will be dedicated to developing your exam strategy. 

Why You Want to Attend This Course
During this course, you will:
- Deep dive into the DA (Disciplined Agile) toolkit, understanding its numerous practices and strategies and the trade-offs involved in their application. 
- Learn how to utilize the DA toolkit to assist your teams in selecting and refining their best way of working (WoW) for any given situation.
- Utilize the DA toolkit to address complex challenges software and operational business teams commonly face.
- Gain insights into leading agile teams through crucial enterprise activities like planning, coordination, and reporting. You'll also be prepared to demonstrate enhancements in areas where your organization encounters difficulties.
- Understand how to enhance customer value delivery by empowering others in your organization, nurturing emotional intelligence, and resolving conflicts.

Learning Outcomes
In this workshop, participants will engage in group exercises and facilitated discussions to gain the following skills:
1. Accelerate your ability to lead critical high-profile initiatives for business success.
2. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Disciplined Agile tool kit, including its numerous practices, strategies, and trade-offs.
3. Practice applying the Disciplined Agile tool kit in hands-on exercises to help your team choose and refine the best working methods (WoW) in real-life scenarios.
4. Use the tool kit to address complex challenges faced by development and operational teams at the enterprise level.
5. Design and implement metrics to measure improvement in areas where teams struggle.
6. Learn to develop emotional intelligence and feel empowered to support team members.
7. Lead teams effectively in any situation to enhance customer value delivery.
8. Guide your team in selecting and evolving the best way of working (WoW) based on the specific situation.

Course Outline
• DASSM Introduction
• Team Development for High-Performance Teams
• Emotional Intelligence for High-Performance Teams
• Tactical Scaling in Complex Situations
• Optimizing How We Work With the Disciplined DevOps Layer
• Optimizing How We Work With the Value Stream Layer
• Coordinating and Collaborating Across Teams
• Conflict Management for High-Performance Teams
• Pragmatic Planning for Agile Teams
• Pragmatic Reporting and Metrics for Agile Teams

Two years of experience working in an agile team, ideally in a leadership role such as a Disciplined Agile scrum master, scrum master, product owner, or architecture owner. 
Understanding of the fundamentals of the DA tool kit by having done one or more of the following:
• Taken the Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) course
• Taken The Basics of Disciplined Agile online course
• Read section 1 or more of Choose Your WoW

DASSM Exam Information
• Your exam fee is included in your tuition, and PMI provides information on scheduling your exam approximately two Business days after the workshop.
• You have 30 days to take the exam online after completing your training and receiving an email from PMI confirming that your test is available.
• Certification is granted after you pass the exam.